3gun Match Results from July 13th, 2019 and “found item”

Good evening everyone.  Here are the results for the 3 gun match yesterday.  Started off a bit warm and HUMID.  It look like rain for a while, clouded up and cooled off.  A couple of storms went around us then a Thunder storm blew in with lightning as the last couple of shooters were finishing up stage 3.  Called off stage 4 due to the lightening.  Rain is one thing, lightening is a whole different ball game.
Anyway, Thanks to Chris for setting up some nice stages and everyone for helping set up and tear down.

Next match will be August 10th.  2nd Saturday, USPSA PISTOL match. 
Next 3 gun October 19th.

Left on a barrel:  I have a magpul 40 round AR magazine with some white paint on the bottom part of it.  If it belongs to you let me know and I’ll get it to you. OK, on the results:  Final Time is your total match score in seconds.  Stages the Raw is the time it took you to complete the course of fire PLUS and P (or penalty time added..such as the 20 seconds added to my score because I didn’t go back to the barrel for the final cup!!!   The Fin column is your Final time/score.  Rank column is how you placed overall for that stage.   Division it your class TO = Tactical Optics, LTD is Limited and OPEN it the “run what you brung” class.
Thanks again all: