APSA Practical Shooting Match Postponed to 12/16/17

Good Evening….well pretty obvious that no shooting tomorrow.  triggers traps and troutChris has spoken with Ken Deyton and we are on for NEXT Saturday (Dec 16, 2017).  I’ll send out another email next week as a reminder.


Club business, end of the year, membership dues due, along with insurance and USPSA membership dues due for the club.  At next match we will set a time and place for our annual meeting (sometime in January)  You do NOT have to be a member to come to the meeting.  We would like as many shooters and your ideas as possible for the 2018 season.

On another subject.   Christina and I recently attended a first responder emergency Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course.  From this 16 hour course we have upgraded the “first aid kit” at the range…which we were covered for bee sting, poison ivy, sunburn and a sprained ankle!”   We now have two (one for each range/squad) true first responder trauma kits.

We both learned a lot of things (that I sincerely hope we NEVER have to use)  Both enjoyed the class, Max Boswell (US Army Ranger Combat medic) and his staff are excellent instructors.  We think it would be beneficial for other members/shooters to attend.  If you are interested please contact me.  Chris likes the idea and possibly the club can pay for some or all of the class depending on how many would like to attend.

link to website:   http://www.advancedtacticalprovider.com/Home_Page.php
OK, good evening, keep warm and be careful if you have to be out in this stuff.

Phil Flack