Report on our April 2017 WAYS Class

W.A.Y.S. stands for Women Arms Yourselves Safely and teaches basic handgun skills to women who have no prior firearm experience. You can learn more by clicking here.

Twenty ladies attended the April 1, 2017 WAYS class.  They focused intently during the classroom portion which covered all the safety rules and introduced the new shooters to basic handgun techniques.

After a delicious pizza lunch, the ladies received one-on-one shooting instruction from our top notch instructors.  The response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and appreciative.  After the pistol class finished, several of the ladies took advantage of the opportunity to shoot an MP-5 submachine gun on full automatic and had more fun than they had ever imagined!

The remaining classes for 2017 are scheduled for June 3, August 5, and October 7. Download the WAYS Registration Form by clicking here.

Submitted by Mike Privette, WAYS Coordinator