Tactical Emergency Casuality Care (TECC) Course, Sept 2017

Message from our friend Kevin Dylus at Blue Ridge Marksmanship


I highly recommend this course!! It is incredible!!! You may need it one day to save you or a loved one. This is a LOT of hands on training.

This is WELL worth the money!! Max is an incredible instructor, he is a Former Army Ranger Medic…he is a County SWAT Senior Medic AND Buncombe county EMS GURU…He is the director of country EMS Training! Bottom line, he is the real deal and this is the best medical course I have attended!


: (16 hours)
TECC is a set of best practice treatment guidelines for trauma
care in the high threat pre-hospital environment. These guidelines
are built upon critical lessons learned by US and allied military
forces over the past 15 years of conflict. They are appropriately
modified to address the specific needs of civilian populations and civilian
First Responders. This includes pediatric, geriatric, and special needs pa-
tients as well as considerations for underlying medical conditions common
in a civilian population, and limitations of civilian EMS and the varied types
of threats that all First Responders face.

Note from instructor Max Boswell:

“There are no prerequisites for this course. However, they recommend that students be first responders but it is not necessary. I have had others with no medical background do extremely well. Even if you don’t feel 100% confident after the course, you will walk away with some life saving skills that are transferable to all aspects of life.”

NAEMT Certified Location


Class Information:

Cost: $175
Date: 09/19/17 – 09/20/17
Time: 0800-1700
Location: Swannanoa F.D. Sub-Station
510 Bee Tree Rd.
Swannanoa, NC 28778
Contact: Max Boswell
Phone: 828-275- 3716

To Register, Reserve Your Spot and Pay

1. Register for the course through NAEMT by clicking the following link:
And make sure to enter Course Number:  TE-17-6522-03
Fill out and submit your registration info.
Go to Max’s website www.advancedtacticalprovider.com
find the PAYPAL button on the front page and pay $87.50 (half the course price)
to reserve your seat. (you may also choose to pay the entire balance at this time).
3. You can pay the final balance at least 20 minutes prior to the start of class on September 19th
with cash, check or charge.

TECC Class Schedule

TECC Class Flyer Sept