Women’s Introductory Handgun Training April 7, 2018

Womens Handgun Training Western North Carolina

Ladies, have you ever been curious about shooting a handgun? Have you been thinking about getting your Concealed Carry permit? Do you have a handgun at home but don’t know how to handle it safely and effectively? Maybe you are looking to shoot a handgun for the first time or have limited experience and want to learn more. If so, then this course is for you!

Asheville Practical Shooting Association (APSA) offers an orientation and training class specifically for women that is structured for those who have very little to no experience with handguns. The course consists of a one-day combination of classroom instruction and handgun firing at the Bear Arms Indoor Shooting Range in Brevard, NC. Course focus is on firearm safety and proper shooting techniques. The staff is made up of highly qualified instructors who provide top-notch training in a safe, nurturing and non-competitive environment.

Our Next Class is Saturday April 7, 2018.
Additional classes will be held June 2 and September 1, 2018

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