Become a Member of APSA!

Do you want to come out and shoot with us? While you don’t have to be a member of our club to join us at the range, members receive voting rights and a discount at our shooting meets. Join the club while shooting with us at any match or event! Check our Calendar for upcoming events.

Membership Fees

Individual Membership: $45/year
Family Membership: $55/year

We now have a pro-rated membership cost so people can join mid-year without having to pay the full $45 membership fee.  The pro-rated schedule is listed below.

Jan/Feb  $45 indiv./$55 fam.
Mar/Apr  $40 indiv./$50 fam.
May/Jun  $35 indiv./$45 fam.
Jul/Aug  $30 indiv./$40 fam.
Sep/Oct  $20 indiv./$30 fam.
Nov/Dec  $10 indiv./$20 fam.